post university

Let’s talk about the forbidden


By far, the worst day of the month is payday. Bills, tax man and stocking up on rice to survive. I actually lived far better as a student when I had half the money I do now.

Another month, another payment, this whole adult thing is seriously draining. How do people work mediocre jobs, have a decent place AND a social life? I just don’t get it: for instance – myself and a close friend work in the same job, different place but same job. He earns slightly more since he works for a place that rhymes with ‘Maldi, he pays the same rent and has a credit card and an alright phone contract. Yet the little sucker can afford almost anything when here I am with my boyfriend buying me some pasta to get me through to next week! 

Who are these budgeted pro’s and how can I steal there skills? Anyone?

This reflects my life

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