post university

Loving and living apart

One of the hardest things after uni is not your lack of prospects or the lack of money. It’s the distance from the people you’ve grown with. Luckily, I’ve still got my best friend here with me, but even she is getting restless. I’m happy and content here, I see my family over time and that’s fine with me. FaceTime is a saver. But I miss my friends. You don’t realise how far everyone lives away until they all go back. 

The ones that truly mean something and care about you too, actually make the effort. The sad part is that the ones that you really love and care for, who don’t reciprocate the effort. You know when you see all the anxty new mums who post on Facebook ‘you know your true friends when you become a parent’ well, it’s applicable after uni too. 

It’s not even distance. It’s effort. Yeah, we all have jobs now and limited time and resources. But my friend from hull makes it so he sees me atleast every 3 months. And that’s not actually that long! I often get sick of the sight of him!!

It’s harsh but, if you’re at uni now, you’ll be thinking ‘these people will always be in my life’ – chances are, they won’t. Teachers are the worst – but that’s not their fault. They have, frankly, a sucky job. Countless times I’ve had a friend break down on me over the phone. Unlimited hours of work and little to nothing reward. I appreciate anyone who can do that. 

Keep the friends you love close as much as you can.


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