post university

Sperm donor 

Dear dad, 

How does it feel to not know your daughter, willingly? 

How can you love my brother but not me? 

Is it because he’s a boy? 

Why would you support him through his life but not mine? 

I came to you when I was young. I made the step, despite me being about 14. I made the effort to close that gap and you retort with a sluggish outlook. Because you had a falling out with my mother 22 years ago? 

Does that justify your dismissiveness at my nieces christening? 

How your parents, who also live in Scarborough, turned up their noses at me when I boldly approached and introduced myself? 

Why does your son love me like family, but you don’t? Why have you chosen to push me aside? 

Thank you for nothing in this life. I’ve grown up better having a single parent household. She did a fantastic job. I never mourn the loss of a parent, because I don’t really care anymore, but my god it stung when all you wanted to speak about was how awful my mum was. What a conversation starter for the 14 year old daughter you’d never seen before.

So again, thank you for abandoning me.


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