post university

Where’s the male empowerment? 

We all know how sexist magazines can be. Shaming women to be skinny, promoting healthy food that doesn’t fill you and costs a bomb. Telling our children that they should have blonde hair down to their ankles. Yet also suddenly shouting ‘enhance your curves!’ ‘Be proud of the muffin top’ and ‘booty is best’ – aka if you wanna be chubby, make sure it’s on the ass. 

But what do we see in men’s magazines? 

‘The best protein around’ ‘Buff is better’ ‘Muscles r us’ 

The new trend for women is to love their curves and to realise everyone is different. So why does the media still spout that all men should be bulky and ‘strong’? 

I thought we’d left the century old idea of men being fit and strong to protect the Damsel in Distress. In this trend of Female empowerment, shouldn’t society just be promoting general equality rather than have women rally angrily at the unforgiving image of patriarchy? 

Where are the positive images for men, and in turn, little boys? 

‘Men don’t cry’ ‘Men should be strong’ sound all a lot like ‘A man should work and a woman to cook for that man’ to me.

Food for thought. 


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