post university


After getting back from a weekend course of TEFL, of which I studied at university but chose not to proceed with getting the qualification, I’ve come away wanting to engage in more productive and challenging tasks. 

When you’re at Uni, despite the fact that you are paying for an education, it doesn’t always feel like it and you definitely get side tracked and spacey in classrooms (who doesn’t?) 

What you come away realising is that you enjoyed those days of learning and debating. Now, I’m not surrounded by like minded peers who are studying the same topic or want to discuss the way the writer mimics the emotion of the character through the weather! 

My problem is that I can’t make myself to commit to book clubs and discussion groups, I have a job, a boyfriend and I really like having time for myself where I binge watch TV and eat crap! It soothes the soul!

I’m stuck in a rut where I want to broaden my horizons with literature yet my copy of Anna Karenina is still on the side with a bookmark half way through, like it has been for the last 8 months. 



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