post university

Diving OUT 

Applying for jobs in scary. 

I have a pretty cushy job. Alright amount of hours and weekends off. It’s also round the corner from my house. I set off at 57 and get there at 58. 

It’s just extremely easy and doesn’t challenge me. I need more money too. So I’m looking for a new job. Having already got a job, I’m allowing myself to be a bit fussy. Actually finding something that might do me better or be harder. I want something salaried and decent hours and I wouldn’t mind weekends off still. Surely not a lot to ask for! 

Whenever I send an application though I start to think at how I’ve got holidays booked and whether I’d have as many holidays at the new one, how far it will be, how long etc. Plus I hate being the new person. I get along with my work colleague so well, I’d hate to be the newbie and creating small talk again. So so scary. 

I just don’t know what to do! I know the job I want but I basically can’t do it without losing everything, because I’d only be able to get it with an Apprenticeship. I can’t live on an Apprentiship wage with rent and bills to pay. 

Where is the support group or some sort of helpful service that helps out people like me? Why do we have to sacrifice money to be able to go on and earn better and be happier? 


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