post university

23 and none the wiser 

I’ve recently turned 23 and I’ve honestly never felt so old yet young at the same time. I feel naive and in over my head but I also feel worn and damaged. I feel like life has used me up for all I’ve got and has left me to survive on very little.

At uni, I felt like I was contributing to something and in on this great project. Everyone was rooting for me and loved each other and we were all really excited to be out in ‘the real world’

Well, we knew nothing. After graduation, we were literally dumped. In fact, at my institute, which had basically given up during our last year due to funding being dropped in areas, they didn’t even try with us in the whole last year. They didn’t care where we were going or what we were going to do. Do your essay and leave. Make us look good on scores and recycle your leftovers. 

I graduated over 2 years ago and all I have to show is an unnerving loss of creativity, doubt in my peers and mountains of debt and bad credit. I’m still shocked that there’s no market at helping people out. I’m sure there’s place you can go and careers advice but I mean the legitamate problems. 

Like, I would like to work in a nursery. That requires me to go to college 5 days a week for atleast a year. However, I am independent and have my bills to pay. How do I acquire the right qualifications for a new job and pay my rent and survive? 

Answer – I don’t. I fit into the tiny slot that I’ve been given and stay there until opportunity arises.

I beg of you. Never leave your teens.


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