post university


I’m not experienced in relationships. I’ve had one and it was insane. I’m in a new one. And have been for 8 months.

So far that’s happened – starts rocky, started to see each other and find him on tinder whilst in the room with me watching a film 🔔🔚

Steady stream of fine, got drunk and said I love you – no response and days later makes a joke about it 🔔🔚

Plodding along, he dislocates his leg, whilst I’m there looking after him, discover he’d been messaging another girl for 2 months, unrequited flirting and completely pathetic attempts at wooing said girl. Merit to her for not reciprocating. Confront boyfriend, who says he doesn’t miss me when I’m gone and was going to break up with me when I’d returned from my holiday because of such reason (was gone for 10 days) he then says he didn’t break up with me because he saw me and realised he did like me. Like I should be grateful.

Fool that I am, I forgive and stay. But don’t forget. Emotionally, I’ve forgotten about him. I don’t love him. Most days I can barely understand why I like him. I’m not a good girlfriend, I don’t know how to do it, I’m not exactly a good adult. But he doesn’t know anything at all about being a boyfriend. Forgive me if I’m being an idealist, but surely you should be best friends with the one you’re with. Make each other feel good, be proud to be with them and want them to be happy. Yet here I am with someone who can’t utter anything to me other than ‘you’re pretty’ and tells me off if I want to be playful 


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